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Simple way to take care of orchid

I like gardening. I like gardens of vegetables, fruit trees and flowers. I have prepared my balcony to be a garden, but because it is a small space, I cannot grow them all. I have planted some vegetables and fruit trees. I am thinking of growing flowers. I had grown roses and sunflowers but I failed because I didn't know about planting. Now I choose to put orchids in my balcony garden. It is easy. Just buy from the market and put it in the space. One thing I am learning is to take care of them. I read a lot of documents and watched videos on how to take care of it. There are many ways, but I choose to use simple way: - Put them outside home but under shade. - Water them once in five days by soaking their roots into water for three minutes if the weather is not hot and five minutes if the weather is hot. I don't think growing orchids is complicated like in the document or video, but I don't deny it is a little bit hard to look after. However, I believe if I love them truly a

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