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Five plants and flowers to grow in house

I want to show my idea related to plant and flower you should grow in house. Here they are and the reasons... 1. Pomegranate According to Khmer elder people, pomegranate is very good plant for house. It kicks bad spirit and brings luck to house's owner. There is a belief that if owner of house attend funeral, some of them may attach bad luck; therefore, when they return home, they put water in a bowl and use its small branch to spray water on body. This is to wash away the bad luck. Another reason.. it is related to scientific benefit.  The fruit is believed that it can help the memory. People that eats or drinks pomegranate juice has better memory than people that does not touch the fruit. It is very helpful especially to elder people and student. 2. Chili This kind of plant brings colorful to the house. Moreover, it can be added taste to food. If you are fan of spicy, then you should grow this one. Bring all colors of the chili to your yard, then you will see the beautiful shades

Two kinds of Flat in Phnom Penh

Most of Cambodian live in flat, especially Phnom Penh citizens. Flat, Khmer style, are having two styles. One is old style, and it's usually found along main street, while new style is frequently found along small street. Old style flat The old style flat is generally noticed having ground floor, first floor and second floor. There are some areas that the flat does have third floor, but it is rare. In general, owner of each floor, old style flat, is different person. There are some owners that own more than one floor, and most of them buy neighbor's flat in order to increase size of their flat. Usually, the ground floor has high price and it stands in market all the time. It is because Cambodian thinks the ground floor flat is easy to live and they can run business. The upper floors are for living only, and they usually have low price. The top floor is the lowest price of the flat market. New style flat Now, the country is developed. There are many constructions; however, flat

Tiny Toilet Design Idea

It is my own toilet. But I don't know how to draw detail. This is the best I can do for this time. I will learn and practice more.

My bedroom in dream

Bedroom is a precious spot inside my head. I have a dream to have a big bedroom, then I will design it to be pretty. The bedroom in my dream looks like following. Here is the explanation Even I don't get it yet, but when I draw it out and I view the drawing, I feel very great.

House in dream when I was young

When I was a kid, I had simple dream house. I want to have a small house, with one door and one window. Outside my house, I wanted to have a big tree and it should cover my window part. In front yard, I wanted to grow flower.. it should be rose, but I don't know how to draw rose, so I choose to draw this flower. For you, adult, may feel it is nothing, but for me it is special. It is a home. My home.