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How to grow edible amaranth in water bottle

I have no knowledge related to gardening. I just follow the video from social media and I edit and I ask from elder people in my family. My sibling likes eating edible amaranth - fry or soup; therefore, I grow this one. I don't have big land yard, so I think of planting it in water. Big pot? I haven't. I have only bottle of pure drinking water. And I use it. My mother bought the plants. Then she took only the top of plants. I saw most of the plants having roots, so I took them and tried to plant them in the water. I choose plants that have big roots and look healthy. I select five plants. I pour water from sink into the bottle. I don't full, just seventy to eighty percents of the bottle only. I put one plant into one bottle. I make the root higher from bottom of the bottle. After, I cover mouth of bottle with scotch tape. I do like this because I want to prevent the mosquito lays egg into the bottle.  After few days, it gives me happy result. Well, I have learnt from this

snake plant and water roof, house in my idea

  I wonder.. people can build pool on top of the house, why they never think of building water roof? Well, then an idea pops up in my head. What's going on if I build a house and use water to be my roof? Water alone is not enough. I should add something more. Fish? Well, I don't think so, but plant is good. Um, I think snake plant is the best. First, it can live in water. Second, it purifies the air. Okay, I choose to build a house with snake plant and water roof. I can build only in imagination and painting. Anyone interested in to make this creativity become real? I want to see as well if my idea works or not.

4 Lucky Statue for your desk

If you are officer, and you want to find statue to put on your desk to decor your table and bring you luck, especially money, then you should try these four things. Fish Fish is symbol of money. There is a belief if you set the fish statue in your spot, it will bring money to you. Most of my friends believe that. They place the fish statue both in house and on office desk. I just suggest if you are normal staff, please don't use big or serious face fish such as dragon fish. It is better to use koi fish, betta fish, golden fish etc. You should use cute face fish, unless you are in high position like manager or director. Gem Well, gem is a kind of thing that can bring you luck of money too. Just, it is hard to protect from thief if you use natural gem. So, crystal gem is good choice.  Don't worry, whether it is natural or not natural gem, still it makes money come to you, if you are match with it. Smiling Buddha There are many people believe in this Buddha's statue. Me too.