4 Lucky Statue for your desk

If you are officer, and you want to find statue to put on your desk to decor your table and bring you luck, especially money, then you should try these four things.


Fish is symbol of money.

There is a belief if you set the fish statue in your spot, it will bring money to you.

Most of my friends believe that. They place the fish statue both in house and on office desk.

I just suggest if you are normal staff, please don't use big or serious face fish such as dragon fish. It is better to use koi fish, betta fish, golden fish etc. You should use cute face fish, unless you are in high position like manager or director.


Well, gem is a kind of thing that can bring you luck of money too.
Just, it is hard to protect from thief if you use natural gem. So, crystal gem is good choice. 
Don't worry, whether it is natural or not natural gem, still it makes money come to you, if you are match with it.

Smiling Buddha

There are many people believe in this Buddha's statue. Me too. 
I like him to be on my desk or in my house. 
Mostly, I touch his belly. I believe if I touch his belly, I will be happy. When I am happy, money will come to me.

Dragon Statue

I have heard people saying about this statue. They tell that this statue will bring you fortune of money, and also protect you.
There is a special point. If you want dragon to bring you fortune of money, you have to choose the one with money coin or money ingot.
Well, I don't believe much in that, but I like this mysterious animal. It looks strong and full of dignity.

What I present in this article is according to Asian belief.

I ever ask people around me. Some of them say it works, some says it does not work. So, it depends on you. If you believe, it will have effect. If you don't believe, it will become a normal decorate thing.


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