How to grow edible amaranth in water bottle

I have no knowledge related to gardening. I just follow the video from social media and I edit and I ask from elder people in my family.

My sibling likes eating edible amaranth - fry or soup; therefore, I grow this one.

I don't have big land yard, so I think of planting it in water. Big pot? I haven't. I have only bottle of pure drinking water. And I use it.

My mother bought the plants. Then she took only the top of plants. I saw most of the plants having roots, so I took them and tried to plant them in the water.

I choose plants that have big roots and look healthy. I select five plants.

I pour water from sink into the bottle. I don't full, just seventy to eighty percents of the bottle only. I put one plant into one bottle. I make the root higher from bottom of the bottle. After, I cover mouth of bottle with scotch tape. I do like this because I want to prevent the mosquito lays egg into the bottle. 

After few days, it gives me happy result.

Well, I have learnt from this gardening.

First lesson

The five plants I have selected, four plants have young leaves and one plant has no leaf. The leaves of the four plants grow bigger while the leaf-empty-one is still empty.

So, next time, I will choose the plants with many young leaves.

Second lesson

I will not choose plant with leaves in middle or lower part - near the root. It cannot grow because it soaks with water; much liquid kills the plant especially the young one.

Next time, I will select plant with leaves on top part.

This is first time I make gardening. I cannot guarantee it works well; however, I try my best to look after it, and I will keep publish the progress of the edible amaranth.

There are more plants I am growing and I will note about each one in this site.

If you want to know the progress, please check my site regularly.

Thanks in advance.


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