Two kinds of Flat in Phnom Penh

Most of Cambodian live in flat, especially Phnom Penh citizens.

Flat, Khmer style, are having two styles. One is old style, and it's usually found along main street, while new style is frequently found along small street.

Old style flat

The old style flat is generally noticed having ground floor, first floor and second floor. There are some areas that the flat does have third floor, but it is rare.

In general, owner of each floor, old style flat, is different person. There are some owners that own more than one floor, and most of them buy neighbor's flat in order to increase size of their flat.

Usually, the ground floor has high price and it stands in market all the time. It is because Cambodian thinks the ground floor flat is easy to live and they can run business.

The upper floors are for living only, and they usually have low price. The top floor is the lowest price of the flat market.

New style flat

Now, the country is developed. There are many constructions; however, flat is still the style of Cambodian living. Just today, the flat is built with four floors.

Phnom Penh Citizens are loving to buy flat which they can be only owner. Mostly, this kind of flat is along the small or inner road. The price is high - it is about amount to buy a ground floor along the main street - but the people like to buy for they think they can live or they can use ground floor to run business and they stay at upper floors.

In conclusion, flat is the style of shelter for Cambodian, especially in Phnom Penh city. Cambodian loves to buy flat because it can be for both living and doing business. And the popular and high price flat is ground floor.


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