Cacti at my window

New green I just brought to my window garden.

I don't know what its real name is. Just call it cacti or cactus.

Why do I choose to grow this one?

I have heard, since I was young, that cacti has power - it protects from evil magic.

People living in Cambodia, especially elderly people, likes to grow cacti in font yard. They believe that if someone wants to curse dark spell to the house, the cacti will dismiss it.

I believe - but not one hundred.

Plus, I love cacti. Especially, I want to see it shows its flower. I ever watched video presenting flower of cacti. I fall in love with it. So, I wish to grow it by myself and witness it grows flower.

I want to buy the type with sharp thorn, but I am afraid it hurts me or member in my family, hence, I choose this one. It is safer than other types.

I bought this one from mall. Around USD 6.00.

Hope I will accomplish my dream. Or at least, I can see the green around my flat.


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