How I grow sweetsop

I am not skilled in gardening, but I want to learn and I want to do it.

Like I mentioned previously that I don't have big land; the space I have is balcony and at window.

Besides edible amaranth, I am planting sweetsop.

My family had bought Khmer sweetsop from Kampong Cham province. It was sweet and delicious. After I ate, I thought of growing it, so I kept their seeds.

At first, I did not know what to do with them. I kept them in a box.

At window, I had a small pot which I grew pansit pansitan. One day, I took a seed of sweetsop from the box to insert into the free space in the pot - I just tested only; I did not think it could live.

I forgot about the seed.

Later, about one week, I found a white root coming out from the soil, then I remembered about the sweetsop's seed. I was so happy. I decide to grow the sweetsop.

Well, I don't have gardening materials; however, I can be creative; I use what I have in house.

I buy soil then I put into the pot. After, I use toothbrush to make holes. Then I put a seed into a hole.

I have two kind of soil. I don't know how to say them in English. I just can tell that one kind I put into the pot, and another kind I put after I set the seeds and cover them.

I have only one pot; the seeds are many. I think, then I decide to use plastic box that I had.

I ever watched how to grow plant in box through social media. I try to follow them. 

There is a thin metal, it is used to remove dirt from nails. It is my mother's. I take it - sorry mum. I use it to make hole at bottom of the box. I do slowly and carefully - because it can make me bleed.

Next, I put soil. Then I make hole by the toothbrush before I put seeds - both the seed with root and other remained seeds. I set the second kind of soil. Last process is spraying water.

Because I don't want to waste.. I decide to grow cherry. Same process.

All of them are put in my balcony. 

Let see how it will be.

Make note, I grow sweetsop and cherry on August, 31st 2021.


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