I begin growing lemongrass

On September, 22 2021, I decide to grow lemon grass.

Why do I grow this plant?

First, I like sour soup, and in Cambodia, one ingredient of the soup is the lemon grass.

Second, it is a health home remedy. I have heard Cambodian in the past uses lemon grass to prevent flu. They put it in warm water and drink it.

Third, I have heard this plant can dispel the pest, especially mosquito.

How do I grow?

I am told by my family member to put lemongrass stem into soil. Just this. And I follow.

I grow it in pure drinking water bottle - of former edible amaranth plant. And I put it in balcony.

I don't water it yet because these few days, there were rains. I will go to read agriculture document.

Let check what's going on later.


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