My edible amaranth on September, 22 2021

I feel sad when see my edible amaranth.

I remain only two.

I am scared they will be ruined, so I take them to place in my house to protect them from wind and rain.

One among the two, its leaves become curly. Its condition is like previous plants - two edible amaranths that had gone to nirvana. I am worried to see; hence, I decide to pull it from soil and grow it in water like I did first time. I hope this way can save its life.

Because I grow in house, when I water it, it makes my floor have a brown mark. I am lazy to clean,; therefore, I set a plastic box beneath it. When I pour water, it will not make my floor dirty. However, I have to take box to remove water - it is raining season, if there is standing water, mosquito can lay egg.


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