RIP my two edible amaranths

I grew five edible amaranths - one has only bald stem.

They grew healthy, but few days ago, I found some of them were wrong. And today, September, 10, 2021 two of my edible amaranths pass away.

It is my fault. After I checked Khmer agriculture document, I know reason. 

Edible amaranth is a kind of plant that can grow in warm temperature, from 21 to 30 Celsius. However, it needs much water. Its enemies are cold weather, hot weather, even wind.

I remember before my plants got trouble, there were windy and rains. Because I lack knowledge about gardening - I left them to face with the wind - and yes, they are ruined.

Now, I remain three edible amaranths. - two with leaves, and one bald stem.

I don't repeat mistake. I close window to protect them from wind. Now, in Cambodia is rain reasons, plus affection from storms, there are windy almost everyday. The weather condition is not good for amaranth. However, I will try my best to look after the remained three.


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