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Hidden visitors in my sweetsop bottle

Um, I don't know how these guys come into my pot. I find it by accidentally on October, 30 2021. I am surprised to see many of them inside the pot, under soil. How can these mushroom grow? Inside the soil, inside the bottle. The space is narrow. How can they make it? However they are cute, but I cannot keep them; I'm afraid that it is poisonous. When I move my sweetsop to pot, I will remove all of these uninvited guests. Sorry, mushroom. You're not welcome.

House garden Japanese style

My sibling visited Japan. Not Tokyo, but I don't remember where. I am interested in how Japanese designs their garden; I am thinking when I have my own house in the future, I will use their idea to organize my yard. In my yard, I will create a place for Koi fish. Their colorful body gives spring to my eyes. Also, I will plant vegetables, and I will design my vegetable garden like in the photos.  There are plants staying on the ground, and there are plants staying on table. Japanese is famous of clean and discipline, even their trees are grown disciplined as well.  I like.

My eggfruit on October, 01 2021

My family got four eggfruits. No one eats. Only me. After I eat, I keep seeds - because I want to grow the fruit. Some fruit has one seed, some has two seeds. I've got six seeds from these four fruits. I clean them with water. After, I dry them with tissue paper. There is one seed having root.  I decide to plant this one first. I use simple way. Just put it in soil, then spray water. I am finding pot to plant other seeds. If I am successful, then.. ha ha ha... I will be happy.

Three plants I wish to have in my house in the future

If I have my own house, I will grow plants and flowers and vegetables that I love. These few days, I am dreaming about flowers and plants that I want to include in my yard of my future house. There are three I am thinking about. Rose Home of lady has to have flower, and rose is first flower to be on my list. What I want is to have Khmer rose.  It is hard to find because nowadays, rose plant in the market is from out of country. However, I will try my best to find one. Jampei In Cambodia, we call it Jampei. If you watch Apsara dance, you will see the dancers decorate their hairs with this flower. I want to have this one in my yard. I will grow grass around it. In the evening, I will sit on grass, under Jampei tree, and read book. Shellflower It is a plant that grows in water. It has many names, but I choose name 'shellflower'. I like its green color. It makes my eyes and my feeling fresh. I dream to make a shallow stream, then I grow this plant in it. Just imagine only, but my h

My mobile working desk

I like working in bedroom. My bedroom is not big. Therefore, I don't want big table in it. However, I need table for working. One day, I went to mall, and found a laptop desk. It was not expensive; just USD 16.00. It is made by wood, and it has simple style. I liked it, so I decided to buy it. It is easy to use. When I need to use, I put it. When I use already, I move it to corner of the room. I can use it on floor or on bed. When I sit on bed, it is fine. But when I sit on the floor, my bottom is bothered.  Hence, my family bought me a seat cushion. Now, I have plenty time to work at home. When I got up from bed, I go to my working desk. When I feel tired, or my waists got hurt, I move to my bed and rest. Easy living.