My mobile working desk

I like working in bedroom. My bedroom is not big. Therefore, I don't want big table in it.

However, I need table for working.

One day, I went to mall, and found a laptop desk. It was not expensive; just USD 16.00. It is made by wood, and it has simple style. I liked it, so I decided to buy it.

It is easy to use. When I need to use, I put it. When I use already, I move it to corner of the room.

I can use it on floor or on bed.

When I sit on bed, it is fine. But when I sit on the floor, my bottom is bothered. 

Hence, my family bought me a seat cushion.

Now, I have plenty time to work at home.

When I got up from bed, I go to my working desk.

When I feel tired, or my waists got hurt, I move to my bed and rest.

Easy living.


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