My pumpkin on October, 17 2021

I want to show progress of my pumpkin on October, 17 from morning till evening.

In the morning, I see one green, one yellow, and two light greens hidden in the soil. 

At the afternoon, I go to check. Wow, the green one has bigger leaves. The yellow one turns green. Then I find other two light greens - means there are four light greens hiding in the soil.

It is an amazing to me.

Then in the evening, I go to check it again.

Oh my gosh!

The bigger one is becoming strong green and the second green is trying to eliminate its yellow color to become real green plant. Among the four hidden light greens, there is one is about to get up from the soil.

Very beautiful.

I love to see plant growing. It is so good. It makes my feeling fresh. It gives me smile, both on my lips and in my mind. 

I love tree. I really love nature. Love, love, love so much.


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