My pumpkin on October, 22 2021

Talking about my pumpkin, at the present, I've got 9 plants:

- old are 8.

- new is 1.

Among the 8 old plants, there are 7 are growing, and one is cut by the bird - that one does not develop yet.

As for the 7 plants have following condition:

- one plant has big 3 leaves and young 1 leaf.

- thre plants have big 2 leaves and young 1 leaf.

- one plant has big 2 leaves and small 1 leaf.

- one plant has big 1 leave and  young 1 leaf

- one is growing but look not good - other plants grew with two open leaves, but this grows with closed leaves.

On October, 21, I put bat's dung fertilizer. 

Hope it help them to grow big and healthy.


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