Three plants I wish to have in my house in the future

If I have my own house, I will grow plants and flowers and vegetables that I love.

These few days, I am dreaming about flowers and plants that I want to include in my yard of my future house.

There are three I am thinking about.


Home of lady has to have flower, and rose is first flower to be on my list.

What I want is to have Khmer rose. 

It is hard to find because nowadays, rose plant in the market is from out of country. However, I will try my best to find one.


In Cambodia, we call it Jampei.

If you watch Apsara dance, you will see the dancers decorate their hairs with this flower.

I want to have this one in my yard. I will grow grass around it. In the evening, I will sit on grass, under Jampei tree, and read book.


It is a plant that grows in water. It has many names, but I choose name 'shellflower'.

I like its green color. It makes my eyes and my feeling fresh.

I dream to make a shallow stream, then I grow this plant in it.

Just imagine only, but my heart is like spring.

I cannot stop my lips from smiling.

If I can make my dream comes true, um.. ha ha ha...


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