Just one night only, my effort is ruined

At night, November, 08 2021, in Phnom Penh, in my house area, there was a heavy rain. Not only rain but also wind.

In the morning of November, 09, I got up and go to check...

Everything is messed.

My pots fall down on floor.

Seeds come out.

Soils come out.

I don't know what to say.

Seventy percents are ruined - chili, carrot, papaya, jujube bonsai and eggfruit. 

Sweetsop is saved. Edible amaranth is saved. Moss rose is saved. Galangal is saved. Lemongrass and sweet basic are saved. Turmeric is saved. Aloe vera is saved. Pumpkin is saved some.

As for garlic and eggfruit that is growing, their pots fall down, soil comes out, but the plants are still inside the pot. I'm not sure they are safe or not; let's wait to see.

For the plants that I put at windows, snake plant and cacti, all are saved.

It is a shock for me. However, I cannot do anything besides picking up and re-organizing them.


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