My lemongrass on November, 01 2021

I ever mentioned about elder telling to put lemongrass in water until it grows root, then we can put into soil.

The previous lemongrass grew roots after few weeks, and I already moved it to soil pot.

This is second lemongrass. It was put same day as the first guy, but its development is slower.

I think it is about one month already, and its root is just coming out. It is still a small spot, I have to keep it in water for many days more.

Well, not only lemongrass but also sweet basil. It is told to put in water.

Like the lemongrass, it spends days to make its root coming out.

Because I am not sure if it grows or not, that's why I don't create its separated page. Wait until it is strong enough to be in my gardening, that I will make a space for it on my site.


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