My papaya on November, 02 2021

Previous papaya seeds that I had planted are ruined. 

On November 02, I got news seeds of papaya.

It was late evening; I wanted to keep it until morning, but I was fear they would be rotten; therefore, I decided to organize them into the pot even the sky was dark.

I divided the seeds to put in three pots.

I put soil half, then I set the seeds, after, I completed pots with soil. 

According to last plant experience, I find that papaya seed is sweet, it attracts the ants; that's why I put it little bit deep in the pot.

However, the ants still smell about it.

In the morning, I find there are many ants around the pots and some are coming in and out the soils.

I hurriedly chase them away, then I cover plastic bags.

I think my papaya seeds are eaten already. Though, it's fine. Sharing is good.



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