My papaya on November, 17 2021

Good news about moss rose, but same day, sad news about the papaya.

I have found more few leaves are gaining dark spots. 

No choice. I hurriedly remove them.

I feel upset. I don't want my papaya to meet such situation again and again. I search to find way to rescue it. Then I perceive I lack something when I do check up the plant.

When I spot the illness on my papaya leaf, I tried to check it everyday. But I checked only the upper leaf; actually, best method is to check from below part of the leaf.

Dark spot disease begins with a kind of water mark on below leaf. Then it affects to upper leaf. After, it grows up and becomes dark water mark whole leaf.

After reading, I decide to go to my balcony again. I cut suspected leaves and check their below parts.

Oh my...

Up part of leaf is normal, but the below is found a lot of water mark. 

I slap my forehead.

This is why my papaya got infect. Because I use not proper check up.


Now, my papaya round field is becoming.. sigh...


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