My pumpkin on November, 28 2021

The pumpkins in round pot are becoming bad.

Look, leaves are burn with dark color or yellow and brown color. It is a sign that they will go soon.

It is upset to view them.

I really have not good mood. I am sad. I lose energy.

At same time, I feel I have to plant more pumpkin. I don't care if the plants in this pot will go or not; I just know that I want to add other pumpkin into my balcony garden.

No delay. I take a box and buy soil to fill it. Then I put pumpkin seeds that I prepared into the soil pot and spray water.

Because previous time, my pumpkin leaves were ruined by dark spot cause by rain, so I moved it to my home. I cannot assume that this method can help the pumpkin or not - because the plants were already affected.

Now, I want to test again.

I want to block the rain from touching my pumpkin even though they are not growing up.

I use cover of the box to stand. Well, it is light, it can be blown away if the wind is strong, and it cannot stand like what I want. Hence, I use thing to support it. In my house, there is no gardening equipment, so, I search for useful thing and I find this one. This is camera stand. It is broken already. It cannot be used, but it is useful for my garden and I decide to make it be a pillar to assist cover to stand.

Am I crazy? Am I funny?

I think I am crazy and I am funny. However, I love my craziness and my stupid.


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