My sweetsop on November, 14 2021

In the morning, I go to check my sweetsop.

I feel they are not growing up. I find there are curly leaves. I don't know these are sick leaves or not, but to prevent, I decide to cut the curly leaves and leaves that have spot.

After removing, the plants remain few leaves, and some almost become bald.

I don't take them out because it is still having rain and wind. I am fear that the wind breaks the plants.

I notice the strange plant that is growing inside same pot of a sweetsop is still alive and it looks healthy. Not only one, I find one more pot has a plant that I don't recognize and I think it is not sweetsop.

However, I don't take them out. I keep them because I want to see what they are and furthermore, I want to save all green plants even it is not fruit-tree.


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