Orange skin brings more pests

I find many pests around my garden. All of these give me displeased; I don't want them to be near my plants.

I try to find way to chase them away. Natural way. I don't want to use any chemical product or technological method.

I ever heard Cambodian people, especially elder, said that skin of orange is used to chase mosquito or fly away. Suddenly, an idea pops up in my head. Why don't I use this method to protect my plants?

Don't wait. I hurriedly take skin of orange that my family peeled, to put around the pot of plants in my garden.

I keep it one night.

In the morning, when I go to check.. oh my, there are many tiny insects, smaller than mosquito, full over my pants. 

I am upset. I think what makes this happen. Later on, I remind about the skin of orange. I take them out; the pests go away.

Well, I find out.

Orange skin cannot be used to chase the pest away; in opposite, it brings more pests.


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