A trouble maker arrives my balcony garden

The plants that you plant in balcony garden cannot live peacefully, even you try hard to take care of it.

Besides rain, wind, heat, pests, there is another one; I don't expect, I just find about that kind of thing.

Do you know what it is?

I don't think you remind about it.

Let's me tell you. It's cat's dung.

It happens in the morning when I go to check up my plants, my nose perceives a kind of smell. Then I go to look, and my gosh, in a pot of bell pepper.

I become like.. I don't know what to say.

My balcony garden is on first floor of a flat. I am pretty sure it's not dog, it's cat - because I ever saw many cats walking around.

In a quick, I put soil to cover that thing - and it causes some of bell peppers are covered by the soil as well.

After, I call my friend and narrate about the story. 

My friend tells me to spray pepper. She says that cat or dog will come back to where they release their dung, when they come, they will use their nose to smell the ground, so when they touch with smell of the pepper, their nose will be bothered and they will go away.

I follow my friend's advice. I take pepper from kitchen and pour on the soil that I use to cover the dung.

I wait to see next morning if that animal comes to release in my pot or not.

It is not a happy view for me. I don't feel good after noticing what has happened. Really really not very happy.


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