I find my kaffir lime

Orange or lemon leaf

I ever posted that I have planted orange and lemon. Actually, I remembered that I planted kaffir lime also - but I could not find it.

Now, I find that my memory is not wrong, I really planted kaffir lime.

Among the plants I have planted, there are few kaffir lime. Because I don't know about tree, I did not recognize it. Recently, I find the present of kaffir lime in my pots - clearly.

Kaffir lime leave

Orange, lemon, or kaffir lime is growing with same sprout, same leaf. We cannot distinguish unless it is bigger.

I can notice the plant is kaffir lime when its leaf has second level. It is on show after the first leaf is large.

It is a very happy news. I am so glad to see that.

I don't know what to write more in this article.

Let's finish for today. I will keep update about my kaffir lime. Please follow up with me.


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