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4 Kinds of pot I have used

Let's me introduce pot that I have used for my balcony garden plants. Until today, I utilize four kinds. 1. Tiny plastic pot This pot is about 1 decimetre. It is made by plastic, soft and tough. It's a very good material. Just it is small. When the plant is growing up, I have to move to another bigger pot. I bought it from mall. About 50 pieces cost USD 2.00. 2. Pink-red pot Seller told me that it is made by plastic, but hard plastic. It's looked stronger and it is big. I think it is about taller than tiny plastic pot, but I'm not sure about its length. One pot is about USD 1.25. 3. Thick plastic pot This one is made by plastic too. Just it is very tough and thick. It is soft, but it is strong; it cannot be tore by hand. This pot is big and tall, about two and a half decimetre. It is suitable for taller plant. It is cheap. One is about USD 0.50. 4. Big pot It is biggest in my balcony gardening. I bought two. Actually, they are not same side - one is bigger, but I am laz

It's day to add fertilizer

I don't use anything besides dong of bat. It is what Cambodian home gardener like to use. Well, though, you cannot just put wherever you want. It has a technique. There are two ways to use bat's dung as fertilizer. 1. You can put whole piece, do not break. But you have to place it far from plant's base. This thing is salty; if you put near or around the base, it can ruin your plant's root. Moreover, you have to adjust quantity. In a small pot, it should be used one to three pieces only. If it is large, then it can be used from three to five. 2. If your plant is still small, it is better to break the piece by using your fingers to blend it, then spray its powder on soil, around the pot. Like #1, you cannot spray near the base of tree. And the quantity to use is same like your use whole piece. Well, that's all how to use bat's dung to help the plant growing up. Please remember, don't use too much and it should be used once during ten to fourteen days.

My dream house's gate decoration

I ever see an interesting gate decoration. The house is in Phnom Penh. It has high stone fence. Inside, the owner builds a shelf hanging with the stone fence, surrounding. On the shelf, there are orchids. This kind of decoration is very attractive. I feel it is pretty. I want to take photo, then I see the house has security guard; I think they might misunderstand I have no good will to take photo of the house, so I hurriedly off. The picture of the pretty orchid fence does not go away from my eyes. I think it is creative idea. However, I feel it is not safe. STEALER. I am so scared when I think about this word. Then I think, if in the future, I have house, how can I protect my house? If I have money, I will be able to hire security guard, but if I don't have money... At that time, an idea pops up. I can use similar style but change the flower. Do you know what flower appear in my head? Cactus. Cactus that has sharp, big and hard thorn.   I dream that I have house, but I don't h