How I protect my pot from cat release

The cat had released two times into my plant box. Then I covered the box every evening.

After many days, the cat did not come.

However, I still don't believe because I ever heard their sounds around my house at night. 

But cover the pot causes sweat above my plants and the plants can be ruined.

What should I do?

Here how I solve problem.

It is a kind of plastic my family uses to cover food that we set on table. It has small tiny holes that can allow wind to go through. I use it to cover above the pot. It is light; I'm afraid that the wind will blow it or the cat is able to push it away, so I put a bag of soil on it.

I have used it for many days already. No disturb from cat anymore and my plants can get oxygen.

I am happy and I'm going to continue to use it till day I don't need it.


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