My dream house's gate decoration

I ever see an interesting gate decoration.

The house is in Phnom Penh. It has high stone fence. Inside, the owner builds a shelf hanging with the stone fence, surrounding. On the shelf, there are orchids.

This kind of decoration is very attractive. I feel it is pretty. I want to take photo, then I see the house has security guard; I think they might misunderstand I have no good will to take photo of the house, so I hurriedly off.

The picture of the pretty orchid fence does not go away from my eyes. I think it is creative idea. However, I feel it is not safe.


I am so scared when I think about this word.

Then I think, if in the future, I have house, how can I protect my house? If I have money, I will be able to hire security guard, but if I don't have money...

At that time, an idea pops up.

I can use similar style but change the flower.

Do you know what flower appear in my head?

Cactus. Cactus that has sharp, big and hard thorn.


I dream that I have house, but I don't have money to hire security guard to protect me and my house; I cannot raise a dog because I am allergic to animal's fur. Hence, to prevent burglar, I will make wall fence. On the fence, I will plant sharp cacti; I will put the mean cacti surrounding my house. Moreover, in yard, about five meters around from the wall, surrounding, I'll plant mean cacti also.

If burglar would like to come into my house, they have to cross thorns of cacti above the fence. Even though they pass the fence, but how can they jump over the sharp cacti on the ground; unless they are god of kungfu.

What do you feel about this design?

It is not mine if it is not insane.

However, I really love my crazy decoration idea.


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