My garlic on January, 24 2022


My previous garlic is becoming red brown now. I feel not well when I see, so I don't want to talk about it yet.

Just today, I am surprised to see a garlic is giving sprout inside pot of lemongrass.

I remember that this garlic was the one I threw away after I used it to dismiss pests but it turned to call a lot of pests to my garden. At that time, I thought to throw it into soil pot to make it become fertilizer; I did not realize it could live.

I have watered my garden everyday, but my eyes did not catch this, until today.

The sprout is long, it means it has been existed in the pot long time ago.

Why did not I see it?

However, I am happy enough to see its present. 

Very very glad.

Welcome to my balcony garden, sweetie garlic. 


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