My bell p is tomato

I feel so funny when I learn that I have misunderstood for long time.

I usually thought bell p is accidental breed between bell pepper and pumpkin; I belied that; and I was proud of myself that could create new breed.

But today, I know that I am so stupid, a funny stupid.

I was born in city, and I did not have chance to see plants of fruits or vegetables, what I see is fruit and vegetable product in the market. That's why I misunderstood about bell p.

I found bell p wrongly by accident and I found it right by accident too.

Because I had chit chat with my family and checked image of tomato, I find that bell p is tomato.

It is a surprise for me. I try to search to make sure. With image of plant, leaf, and disease - yellow line on leaf - it makes clear that my bell p is tomato.

I unlock my eyes. How come?

I laugh for whole afternoon when I learn the truth. I was proud of myself for long time, and now, I just knew that I am a stupid. How can I confuse tomato to be a new breed plant?

Being born in city is one reason, and another reason is I did not plant tomato. It was true and I was sure that I put bell pepper's seeds and pumpkin's seeds into the pot. I did not put tomato's seed. How can tomato grow in my pot? This point I don't understand.

Well, there is no use to find reason why it is here because it is here already - in my balcony; it is explicit that there is no new breed of plant. So, from today, there is no bell p; I have to change it to under label 'tomato'.

Good bye bell p, hello tomato.


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