My sunflower on February, 13 2022

The sunflower gives sprouts more than five.

Their process is the same, light yellow at first then turn to be light green, and step by step they become green.

Because they are still small, I have to protect them.

I cover the pot to prevent from peaks and other small creatures that can bring harm to my tiny sunflower. I release the cover once I am staying near the pot.

Talking about cover, I use paper box that has holes. With such thing, the sprouts can have wind to take breath.

While the plants are young, we have to be careful like this. It is normal. After they grow up and strong enough, then we can reduce our worry.

And I hope everyone try to understand and give high price to natural garden if you go to buy from them. It is really, really, really, hard to make the safe vegetable and fruit for you.


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