Difficulties I have met during doing balcony garden

These days I don't update my site because I am tired; or can say I have no strength - because there are many difficulties that I encounter.

1. Pest

There are several pests coming to my garden. Winged animals, four-legs-animals, many-legs-animals, also no-leg-animals.

All of them attack my garden everyday. From morning to night, and from night to morning. I can say that there is no relax time.

It's very hard to prevent from those guys. They ruin my vegetables and my fruits; they make me shake head every day.

2. Weather change

It's very hard to guess, related to climate.

I water my plants like usual, but the sky changes to be hot, so my plants are dried.

When it is hot, I water my plants much, then at night, it rains; the water is over, and it causes the roots to be destroyed.

What should I say? Nothing I can say.

What should I do? Just throw the green away - because it cannot be saved.

3. Weak plant

Some of plants were born from weak seeds, so it cannot grow up healthy.

Perhaps in middle of ways, they are gone, without inform me.

4. Sick leaves

The plant is like human; it got sick.

When human is sick, we can find doctor to heal; but for the plant, there is no doctor.

And what I can do is taking the sick leaves away to prevent its disease from spreading to other, but mostly, it is late. The plants are affected, and nothing I can do besides remove whole plants.

I have heard it is common problem that all gardeners meet. However, I cannot accept it and it discourages me. I need time to collect back energy and motivation to continue working with the green.


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