I can harvest my tiny vegetables

After several months, at last I can harvest.

Dwarf cabbage

At night, because my sibling wanted to have vegetable for soup, then I cut some of my dwarf cabbage. I chose chubby leaves. They were not many; however, it could full my in-house-customer.

In the morning, I checked the garden. Then I decided to harvest the remained dwarf cabbages. 

After, I planted new - March, 06 2022.

Red garlic leaves

Look like the old red garlic were weak, so I took last leaves. I was thinking to keep the roots to grow it again, but I don't know if I can make it; I am testing.

Lemon grass

It's first time that I used lemon grass in my garden.

My family was fond of it because it had good fragrance, much more than lemon grass from market.

Sweet basil

Also, I harvest my sweet basil's leaves. They received praise from my family too.

Though my harvest is little, but it gives big smile to me. Furthermore, we all do not feel worried because we are sure they are natural, free from harm.


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