I give my plant valuable price

After I think I have enough plants, I begin to sell them.

Why do I sell? I ever said that I would share. 

Yes, I said it, but I change - because when it is free, no one wants it.

I had contacted people, and I posted it on social media telling that I had natural and organic plants to share, but no one reacted, even Like.

It makes me upset. Then I think I should give value to my green. After that, I created a sell-post on my social media's page.

I posted photo of my papaya and lemon that are living in same pot, on March, 01 2022, with price 5,000 Riels (about USD 1.25). The price is for this pot - it means they can get both papaya and lemon.

Of course, yet no one wants it; however, I don't care; I inform that the price is for March, 01 only, it will be added 100 Riels (about USD 0.025) a day, and I do it.

I will keep update the price by adding 100 Riels everyday, till the day the customer arrives.

Like I mentioned above. Nobody gives price to my plant; I do.


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