It takes 4 days to make lemongrass give root

Previous time, I did not follow up the process of lemongrass that had put in water. This time, I make note.

I've got the lemongrass on March, 17 2022. They were about five or six. I put them in a glass pot of water on same day.

I changed water once in two days to prevent mosquito from laying egg, and base of lemongrass from being rotten - cause by unclean water.

Four days later, I found the lemongrass show roots; not all, some are.

The roots are white, tiny, and look like, I think, a beard of Chinese dragon.

Though it grows roots in water, but it is like other plants, it needs land. Just I don't move it yet. I am waiting for its roots to be longer, bigger, stronger, then I am confident to take it to put in soil.

How long?

I don't know.

Let's follow up together.


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