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Fish's cheek has a flower

This is one of the species in Cambodia. It is used for salad. Some Cambodians call it 'fish's cheek' and some call it 'heart species'. I grow it in my balcony garden and I just knew that it has a flower and its flower is cute.

I recycle bottle to be wheel of pot

In my balcony garden, there are heavy pots. 

Because I want to clean my balcony floor, I need to lift it and it hurts my waist.

Then I think of how to move the pot without hurting my waist.

I read and watched many, most of them show about buying trolleys or do it yourself; but I don't have money and I don't know about making anything.

After thinking for a while, I decided to try my tiny brain to work on something in house that I can use to reduce my pain. And I found the plastic bottle. Nothing big. Just put them under the pot, and it can be moved easily.


At last, I can make my balcony garden clean and don't hurt my waists.

Thanks to my chicken-brain.


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