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How I make a picture for video when I don't know how to drawing

I am a youtuber, making videos of stories that are written by myself. To produce an attractive story video, I have to add images, but it is hard to take the right photo with the concept story and it is expensive to hire a drawer to make a picture. Well, I know how to take a photo, but I don't want to use photos, I want to use drawing. The important obstacle is I don't know how to draw. However, I never give up. I work my brain to find a way to create an image for my fiction video. For example, I want to make an image of a room in a hotel. I imagine the hotel room that I have been in while I was working in the office, then I search for materials in house to form the pic. I take a bed, a toy of my niece. I take a box to be the bathroom wall. I cut the box and make it a nightstand, a lamp and a round table. After that, I form them together and take photos. I take several photos then I select the good one. Later, I put the selected photo on PowerPoint and draw it. Sure. My image is
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