Gardener should have two things inside body

You might want to know what it is in this pot. I don't know as well, I am not sure it is red leaf lettuce or culantro.

Because of this, I can write this article related to two things that I don't have while planting and cause this to happen.

1. No patient

This pot I planned to use it to plant red leaf lettuce. I bought seeds and put inside the pot. I had waited for one week, it did not have any reaction, so I changed to plant culantro.

After few weeks, I've got the sprout but it is mixed like you see in picture. I think it has sprout of red leaf lettuces, but I cannot recognize because it's my time to see it.

My bad.

If I was patient, my red leaf lettuce would be on show and I would be able to recognize it, take its photo and write about them, and eat them in the future.

2. Quick tempered

After I waited and did not see red leaf lettuce, I became angry immediately. I hated waiting and I did not like waiting. So, I took seeds of culantro to pour into the pot. I poured all.

Because of my action, the sprouts were growing not pretty, and I waste the seeds.

If I could control my temper, I would able to see beautiful row of culantro and I would have culantro in other pots.


Within these experience, I want to tell the readers - if you want to do gardening, your mind has to be heavy. Growing green is needed time. It is very long that sometimes we cannot expect or predict.

I hope my article will help especially new gardener.

Thanks for reading. See you next.


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