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Books and things related to book can be your video concept

Let me introduce four kinds of video concepts related to the book that you should consider. 1. Book exhibition I haven't found this kind of video on youtube yet. So, you might be the first person doing it. Go to all the exhibitions about books and film about the event. You should not care if it is a public or private event. Enroll all of them and show to your audiences, especially the information that they should know: - venue - days and time - the participants (book publishers etc.) - how to join (free or buy ticket) 2. Book shop It is really good if you can show the viewers about the book shop in your location or in your city. Can you even imagine the small store at the small road you can find and present to the watchers? They might appreciate you. Furthermore, you might be able to help the book store owners - because some of them don't have many customers and what you do is like to help promote their shop and it can bring clients to them making them earn money to survive. 3.

How to plant jackfruit

If you want easy way, you can go to market and buy jackfruit tree to plant in your garden. Or you can breed from big jackfruit to get it.

But if you want to go from the start, then my article is for you.

After I jumped into balcony job, I've got knowledge related to gardening especially in balcony garden. All I write here is from my own experience; but you have to be acknowledged that I am not studying associated with agriculture; I just do what I want to do, and gardening is my wanting and one of my favorite tasks.

Let's me tell you about how to plant jackfruit.

1. Choose seed

Not all seeds can be used. 

To get good result, you should choose the seed that has broken white shell. With such appearance, it can grow up faster. If you choose beautiful seed without crack, you have to wait very long to get the sprout.

2.  Put in water

You can plant the seed directly into soil pot.

Or you can put the seed in bowl that has water. No need to put much water, just about half height of the sleeping seed in the bowl.

Show the bowl to the air, but inside house, under shade. Don't allow it to touch directly with sun light because it can be ruined.

3. Take care of water

You have to change the water regularly to protect rotten water and to prevent from mosquito laying egg.

4. When the sprout is out

When you see the seed giving sprout, you should not do anything, just keep it in the bowl, change water, till the sprout is long and strong enough, then you can move it to soil.

5. Size of pot

If you have land, it is good. But if you are doing balcony garden like I do, it is a little problem. However, you can fix it by using big and high pot.

I recommend to put soil at half of pot. Dig a hole about one finger length, then put the seed and cover it by soil.

5. Protect it

You have to wait for several days before the sprout becomes young plant.

During waiting, you have to cover the pot to prevent big pest such as bird. The cover should have holes to give enough air in and out, or the seed will be rotten.

6. Give water

You can water it once a day. You can choose between morning or evening after sun sets. 

From my own experience, I give it about 200 ml.

Until it is growing up and becoming taller young plant, then I add amount of water.

7. Continue protection

Though it is becoming a plant, but it is a young and weak one. Bird and other insects are its enemy. Therefore you should continue cover it.

These are all basic method to plant jackfruit in balcony garden.

Like I mentioned above, it is my own experience. You can use it as information to plant your own seed. However, thing can be different due to location, weather etc. So, take note yourself and use a suitable way base on your locale and condition.


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