One same two difference between red garlic in soil and in water

I have decided to grow red garlic one in soil and one by water to find out their differences.

After several weeks, I can notice:

1. Red garlic can grow both in soil and in/by water. Their leaves have same natural fragrance.

2. However, they have two differences:

a. Leaf of red garlic that is growing by water is thin, as for leaf of red garlic planting in soil is bigger and thicker.

b. There are insects go around the red garlic planting in soil. Even though it is put in deep soil, the pests like it and some go into soil and eat the fruit. But the red garlic that is using water to be planted, though its fruit is on show, no any cover, still the pests don't disturb it.

I don't know reason behind the differences. I think it is good, so I decide to publish it for being information to balcony gardeners. In the future, if I can find why, I will publish for the readers.

Thanks for reading. See you next article.


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