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Books and things related to book can be your video concept

Let me introduce four kinds of video concepts related to the book that you should consider. 1. Book exhibition I haven't found this kind of video on youtube yet. So, you might be the first person doing it. Go to all the exhibitions about books and film about the event. You should not care if it is a public or private event. Enroll all of them and show to your audiences, especially the information that they should know: - venue - days and time - the participants (book publishers etc.) - how to join (free or buy ticket) 2. Book shop It is really good if you can show the viewers about the book shop in your location or in your city. Can you even imagine the small store at the small road you can find and present to the watchers? They might appreciate you. Furthermore, you might be able to help the book store owners - because some of them don't have many customers and what you do is like to help promote their shop and it can bring clients to them making them earn money to survive. 3.

5 Ideas home vlogger should try on youtube

Sometimes, you want to start a channel on youtube but you cannot find a concept because there are a lot ahead already. Moreover, you are a home-lover; what type of video should you create to compete on youtube?

Well, let check my following ideas as following:

1. Daily breakfast

It's not new concept, but it can be a new idea because what you have to show is about your breakfast only.

Take a video of your breakfast, everyday.

It does not need to be long, just two or three minutes is enough. What you have to do is use your own technique and creative ideas to produce an interesting video for your audiences.

It can be daily lunch, or daily dinner, according to your preference.

2. Nightwear

 It is similar to the idea #1. 

Tell about what you wear for your bed.

It can be a night dress, shoes etc.

3. Routine before go to sleep

If you don't want to share about your nightwear, what's about what you do before you go to bed.

You can film when you read a book in bed from the start till you switch off the light and cover your blanket.

You don't need to say anything. Just a silent video - with background sound of the natural environment in your bedroom such as air conditioner, your breath, book page opening.

4. Sing while washing up

It can be a fun activity. 

When you do washing up, you can film yourself doing it and sing. No need to have music, just sing the song that you want to sing.

5. Favorite spot

You might be able to use this concept for your video.

Sharing what is the favorite place in your house that you like to go to the most and try to explain why.

If you have more than one, show it in different videos. If you have only one, try to think of an event or situation that makes you come to that space everyday.

It depends on your own creativity, I cannot help this point.

Okay, that's all my ideas.

What do you think? 

Well, don't say No, try first. If you don't feel fine, you can find another idea.


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