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Three plants I wish to have in my house in the future

If I have my own house, I will grow plants and flowers and vegetables that I love. These few days, I am dreaming about flowers and plants that I want to include in my yard of my future house. There are three I am thinking about. Rose Home of the lady has to have flowers, and rose is the first flower to be on my list. What I want is to have a Khmer rose.  It is hard to find because nowadays, the rose plant in the market is from out of the country. However, I will try my best to find one. Jampei In Cambodia, we call it Jampei. If you watch Apsara dance, you will see the dancers decorate their hairs with this flower. I want to have this one in my yard. I will grow grass around it. In the evening, I will sit on the grass, under the Jampei tree, and read a book. Shellflower It is a plant that grows in water. It has many names, but I chose the name 'shellflower'. I like its green color. It makes my eyes and my feelings fresh. I dream of making a shallow stream, then I grow this plant

3 Types of directory video you can consider

Have you ever thought about it?

Okay, let me give you some ideas.

1. Tell about places for the photographer

Sure, it is a happy adventure.

To produce such content, don't stay in your room and take photos and information from the internet. Go to experience yourself with your camera and film it and tell it to your audience, especially the people who work as photographers and want to find a place for their work.

2. Tell about the places for the film maker

You can work as a helper to direct the film maker the locale they can use in their film.

The same as above, you have to go there by yourself, and explain in your video why that place is suitable and useful for the film maker.

If you can give good and detailed information, including the evidence, not just speaking, then your channel will have a chance to boom.

3. Be your own concept

Well, if you like taking photographs or filming, perhaps you can use it as your own theme of the channel.

Go to a place that you like, take a photo of it, or film a short video of it, it can be useful - because nowadays, people are stressful, showing them nature is a kind of helping and it can make them relax. Hence, your channel has a chance to win over.

These are simple ideas of mine for you as vloggers.

Don't hesitate to try.


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