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Three plants I wish to have in my house in the future

If I have my own house, I will grow plants and flowers and vegetables that I love. These few days, I am dreaming about flowers and plants that I want to include in my yard of my future house. There are three I am thinking about. Rose Home of the lady has to have flowers, and rose is the first flower to be on my list. What I want is to have a Khmer rose.  It is hard to find because nowadays, the rose plant in the market is from out of the country. However, I will try my best to find one. Jampei In Cambodia, we call it Jampei. If you watch Apsara dance, you will see the dancers decorate their hairs with this flower. I want to have this one in my yard. I will grow grass around it. In the evening, I will sit on the grass, under the Jampei tree, and read a book. Shellflower It is a plant that grows in water. It has many names, but I chose the name 'shellflower'. I like its green color. It makes my eyes and my feelings fresh. I dream of making a shallow stream, then I grow this plant

Do you ever think of making video of patchwork robe?


Common ideas, sometimes, are hard to find, but it is worth it if you make it with your effort and creativity.

Think positive.

You might not be able to produce software or apps. You might not be able to film a wonderful movie. You might not be able to write fantastic fiction. You might not be able to do anything, but you are capable of doing a patchwork robe.

What is it?

I have learned about the patchwork robe when I watched a Chinese drama. 

Many years ago, there was a drama introducing a patchwork robe, but when it was translated to Khmer language, at that time, there was a one hundred piece blanket which collected pieces of different robes to make a blanket; they believed it would bring happiness and long life to the user.

And I think this kind of work has been made in other countries too, just in different names or creations according to their culture and custom.

Yes, it is what I want to tell you to try this kind of work to be the niche of your youtube channel.

Just collect different pieces of clothes and combine them together by a needle - with your own fingers, not a sewing machine.

It needs strong effort and patience, but I think it is worth it if you put your mind into it.

The important thing is whether you dare to start or not. 

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