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Books and things related to book can be your video concept

Let me introduce four kinds of video concepts related to the book that you should consider. 1. Book exhibition I haven't found this kind of video on youtube yet. So, you might be the first person doing it. Go to all the exhibitions about books and film about the event. You should not care if it is a public or private event. Enroll all of them and show to your audiences, especially the information that they should know: - venue - days and time - the participants (book publishers etc.) - how to join (free or buy ticket) 2. Book shop It is really good if you can show the viewers about the book shop in your location or in your city. Can you even imagine the small store at the small road you can find and present to the watchers? They might appreciate you. Furthermore, you might be able to help the book store owners - because some of them don't have many customers and what you do is like to help promote their shop and it can bring clients to them making them earn money to survive. 3.

Products in market can be your niche video

Don't be stressed if you want to be a video creator. There are various of concepts that you can use and they are not far, they stay around you.

For instance, products in the market or supermarket

Fish dictionary

Have you ever thought about this concept?

Take a short video of a fish you see in the market, including telling its name. 

After talking a lot of videos, then combine them together to a make one or two minutes video.

Fish's price directory

If it is hard for you to find the name of the fish, what's about showing the fish and its price?

Same length video of the fish in the market and supermarket and saying its price.

Then combine the videos to be one video between one to two minutes length.


I think with these two sample ideas, you can explore your own concept related to the market or supermarket.

Good luck and thanks for reading.


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