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Books and things related to book can be your video concept

Let me introduce four kinds of video concepts related to the book that you should consider. 1. Book exhibition I haven't found this kind of video on youtube yet. So, you might be the first person doing it. Go to all the exhibitions about books and film about the event. You should not care if it is a public or private event. Enroll all of them and show to your audiences, especially the information that they should know: - venue - days and time - the participants (book publishers etc.) - how to join (free or buy ticket) 2. Book shop It is really good if you can show the viewers about the book shop in your location or in your city. Can you even imagine the small store at the small road you can find and present to the watchers? They might appreciate you. Furthermore, you might be able to help the book store owners - because some of them don't have many customers and what you do is like to help promote their shop and it can bring clients to them making them earn money to survive. 3.

Try meditation pose in your video

I think you might know about Mr. Beast's history. The clip that made him step up to the famous like today was he tortured himself by counting numbers.

It's a good inspired idea; however, I think we should do something to gain benefit during the suffering.

So, I think of meditation and I think about its pose.

I have checked and found there are a lot of meditation poses, but I choose three to recommend to you.

Buddha's pose

It is a pose that Buddhism in Cambodia practices. Me too. I do this pose when I practice meditation.

Pose in India

This pose, I see, is practiced by Indian.

It looks great. 

I tried once. It's good.

Hard pose

I don't practice this. I think it is not an easy pose, but I might try one day.

With these three poses, you can create a similar concept video to Mr. Beast's.

Will you be famous after trying this?

I don't know. If you want to know, do it. Start with fifteen minutes, then haft an hour, then one hour, then increase more and more.

If you are successful, please return and tell me.

If you are unsuccessful, please return and tell me as well.


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