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Fish's cheek has a flower

This is one of the species in Cambodia. It is used for salad. Some Cambodians call it 'fish's cheek' and some call it 'heart species'. I grow it in my balcony garden and I just knew that it has a flower and its flower is cute.

Because I want to know their next generation will be

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In my balcony garden, I have sweet basil, rice Paddy herb and culantro.

Mostly I grow them in water in plastic coffee cups and put them on a wooden stand on the same floor.

One day, my brain pops up an idea to breed them. My purpose is to see what their next generation will look like.

I have six, three cups of sweet basil, two cups of culantro and one cup of rice Paddy herb.

I divide them into two groups, by setting rice Paddy herb with the two sweet basil and another sweet basil to be with the two culantros.

The date I do this test is January 21 2023.

I will show you the result of this experiment in the next video, but I don't know the exact date. If you want to see what it will be, please stay tuned with my site.


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