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Fish's cheek has a flower

This is one of the species in Cambodia. It is used for salad. Some Cambodians call it 'fish's cheek' and some call it 'heart species'. I grow it in my balcony garden and I just knew that it has a flower and its flower is cute.

I am learning to plant moth orchid

See video link here

I want to sell orchids.

People told me to buy from the wholesaler, but to buy it, I have to have a lot of money in order to get the cheap price. I don't have much money. Furthermore, the true orchid wholesaler is not in Cambodia, and I don't like that, I want to have everything as Cambodia's. Hence I have an idea to make a farm of orchids.

Actually I lack almost everything, money, land and knowledge about orchid planting. But I won't give up. I try to learn how to plant, how to take care, how to keiki the orchid from the internet, and I decide to experience myself by buying the orchid's seed from the market and planting it.

The materials I use are a small container, moss and water from the tap. I don't measure or calculate, I do what I think is correct.

I put moss into the container, then some water, then put the seed in. Because there are not many seeds, I can make only two containers. After that I put them at the window. Because it is night, I cannot show you the place I put them.

Let's see its progress together.


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