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Fish's cheek has a flower

This is one of the species in Cambodia. It is used for salad. Some Cambodians call it 'fish's cheek' and some call it 'heart species'. I grow it in my balcony garden and I just knew that it has a flower and its flower is cute.

Rutaceae family in my two pots

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In these two pots, there is lemon, orange and kaffir lime.

I grew them together because I didn't have space; furthermore, I didn't think they could grow up. Now they are growing up day by day. It's good news for me.

Everyday I water them and look after them closely. If I see any leaf having holes or torn, I will check immediately because it is a sign that there are worms eating the tree. If I see the orange leaves, I cut it out and increase the water.

Planting this type of tree will take ten years to get fruits; however, I love it, I am not afraid to wait since it is my own effort and organic.


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